A Message From Big Boss

It’s been a crazy week at the brewery. As you may have noticed, our taproom has had some unexpected closures and we wanted to take a moment to provide some clarification on what has been going on. We recognize the importance of our actions during this time. We discovered one of our employees may have been exposed to COVID-19 and until we could identify what impact this would have, we decided to close the taproom until 100% of our employees have been tested. We are beyond relieved to have had negative results for all staff.

During the time of testing we have done a complete sanitation of the entire taproom and brew deck areas. Every table, chair, wall, faucet, hand sanitizer station, and floor was completely sprayed with bleach. If you can touch it, we have bleached it. The following day, all these areas were wiped clean, then re-sprayed with a disinfectant. The brew deck and production areas have been covered with a food grade foaming acid that we use to sanitize our tanks prior to use.

We have received a number of emails and messages on social media channels applauding our staff and the vigilant efforts to make Big Boss a welcoming environment and a safe environment. Whether this was a false alarm or the real thing, we want our patrons to know that we appreciate your support and we know that while it may have been frustrating to arrive to our taproom and find locked doors, the safety of our staff and patrons is paramount to our success and worth forfeiting a few days of bar sales.

These challenging times have been a struggle for so many industries, including ours. When we received the announcement for approved re-opening of taprooms we were beyond enthusiastic. The brewing team and bar staff had been working tirelessly to keep our to go, delivery, and take out orders available, and most importantly keep our staff and customers safe. As we prepared to re-open the tap room we knew we needed to take a closer look at this aspect of our business and enhance all our protocols to ensure we were not just meeting the requirements of the state, but exceeding them. Installation of several hand sanitizer dispensers, wiping tables and surface areas after every customer, as well as PPE have become the new norm in addition to our limited occupancy and distant table arrangements; which some of you can attest, we strictly enforce. As a brewer the last few months have been nothing more than stressful and defeating at times. All the work and effort that we put into our wall of eclectic craft brews just sitting there getting no attention takes the wind out of my sails. We have purpose when our patrons can come to our front door and spend time in our happy home on Wicker Dr.

We are open again with some modified hours as we settle back into the groove of things. As a reminder our new policy and effective today in all of Raleigh is that face masks are required. If you do not have a mask you will not get service (we will have them available if you need one). We are in this together and can’t wait to see you all at the taproom soon!