Curling Night in America Viewing Schedule

We had a great time serving beer right on the ice when NBC Sports USA Curling came to town and filmed Curling Night in America with Olympic Gold Medal winning Men’s team! We will be screening each event as men’s, woman’s and doubles teams from US, Italy, Scotland and Japan face off! Join us each week!

Jan. 3 9:30 p.m. USA men vs. Scotland
Jan. 10 10 p.m. USA vs. Japan (mixed doubles)
Jan. 17 9 p.m. USA women vs. Scotland
Jan. 31 11 p.m. USA women vs. Italy
Feb. 14 11 p.m. USA vs. Italy (mixed doubles)
Feb. 21 9 p.m. USA men vs. Japan
Feb. 21 11 p.m. USA women vs. Japan
Feb. 28 11 p.m. USA vs. Scotland (mixed doubles)
March 6 9 p.m. USA men vs. Italy
March 6 11 p.m. (repeat of episode 8)