Hipnotized Gose

Hipnotized is a sessionable sour ale that gets its pink hue from rose hips and hibiscus flowers. Tart and juicy, the fruity flavors of this gose are balanced by the spicy, floral flavors of pink peppercorns and coriander to create a complex, delicious and colorful finished beer. ABV: ​4.5%

Each botanical used in Hipnotized adds its own unique characteristics:
● Rose hips – ​These small, berry-like fruits of the rose plant offer a light fruity flavor and a pleasant floral character. They also contribute to the rosy color of the beer.
● Hibiscus flowers – ​These potent flowers add bright fruitiness and acidity and are the primary source of the beer’s pink color.
● Pink peppercorns – ​These small berries add a modest spicy flavor and some nice floral notes.
● Pink sea salt – ​Sea salt is traditionally used at a level just below the threshold of taste in gose, which is one of the things that makes the style so refreshingly drinkable.
● Coriander – ​The citrusy, herbal zip of this spice is a traditional ingredient in gose and helps to round out the botanical palette of the beer.