Pineapple Sour tap & bottle release!

Next up in the “Strange Cargo” series of oak aged ales we bring another foedre sour offering! F2 Pineapple! Available on tap and in a limited run of 500ml bottles on 06/27!

Big Boss to release Pineapple Sour ale June 27th

Raleigh – Big Boss Brewing to release new sour pineapple ale this Thursday June 27th. The beer is available in kegs to customers all over North Carolina and a limited number of 100 bottles will be available at the taproom at a first come first serve basis.

“This Flanders style red ale spent over a year in our foedre before being blended with a younger batch to balance and round out the character. A mix of pineapple juice and purée is added at the very end of aging to bring a complex but robust tropical flavor to finish it off” said Big Boss cellarman John Pyburn who supervised the project.

The beer is called F2 Pineapple and is released as part of the “Strange Cargo“ series of oak aged ales. F2 Pineapple was created by combining matured oak foedre base sour ale with young amber ale into a 50/50 blend. The addition of fresh pineapple puree brings out a natural tiki bar inspired flavor to the brew.

About Big Boss Brewing
Big Boss Brewing Company was founded by Geoff Lamb in 2006 and shipped it’s first beers in the 2nd quarter of 2007. Local household favorites emerged in the form of Bad Penny Brown Ale, High Roller IPA. The company continues to expand their portfolio of barrel aged beers, and now canning new beers, while maintaining a focus on their home base of North Carolina.

About The Strange Cargo Series
Our bourbon, wine, tequila and brandy barrel aged beers are worth the wait. Brews from the wall of oak barrels and two Italian made foedres will be offered periodically and in limited allocations on draft and in our signature single serve package.

Behind the art of SEA BEE Gose

When creating art for our new line of German style sour ales owner geoff Lamb landed on SEA BEE for the name of these sea salt and coriander based GOSE. For artwork we didn’t have to look to far since we already had a mural in our beer garden of a honey bee! Raleigh based Jenny Eggleston is a mixed media artist, poet, and teacher who painted the mural for Apiopolis Beekeepers who maintain our hives, it was only fitting that we asked Eggleston to adapt the art to beer cans. Combining the iconic naval mechanic imagery of a “sea bee” with wrench, brewer’s paddle and brew in hand we had our new beer label!

Sea Bee is a new full time addition to the Big Boss line up in 12 ounce cans. This quaffable wheat ale features coriander to lend a subtle floral and citrus note to the aroma. A touch of Pink Sea salt helps build body in the low alcohol brew while a special addition of Lactobacillus creates the pleasant tart finish of this wheat ale. 4% Alv By Vol

New Beer Sea Bee Gose

Apiopolis is a nonprofit urban bee sanctuary whose mission is to improve the health and habitat of honeybees and native pollinators and to form dynamic collaborations that promote the wellbeing of our entire community in a holistic, inclusive and joyful manner.

Miss NC NEIPA featuring home grown malts

The next beer in our Air Raid Series, Miss NC, is a hoppy nod to our home turf. This hazy IPA features Riverbend’s NC grown Carolina Rye heirloom malt. This malt has been grown in the south for over 200 years and imparts herbal spice, citrus, and black pepper notes. We selected Hull Melon and Ella Hops (a tribute to our favorite French Bulldog) to layer massive notes of honeydew melon, papaya, mango, and grapefruit. A perfect IPA to quench your thirst in the heat of NC summer.

6.5% Alc By Vol

Carolina Rye
This malt is produced using an heirloom variety called Wrens Abruzzi that has been grown in the south for over 200 years. Look for classic blend herbal spice, black peppercorn, and citrus flavor. Try it in a saison, pale ale, or whiskey recipe for an added punch of flavor!

The Scoop on Strata® Hops

Late in 2018 Big Boss received a shipment of a new hop variety and quickly created a beer to showcase it! The hop is called Strata and the beer is called Stratafortress. Strata® was developed at Oregon State University and originally known as X331. Flavors will remind you of grapefruit & pine and help round out a clean bite of a classic West Coast style India Pale Ale. Crosby Hop Farm say the aroma profile is “Citrus, Tropical/Fruit, Pungent/Dank” with Alpha acid values comparable to Amarillo and Centennial. A few West Coast brewers got a hold of this one early on with a larger crop expected later this year. We are really excited about the Strata Hop and we have scheduled a few batches of STRATAFORTRESS this year with a small batch right now and again late this fall.

Stratafortress IPA is a new interpretation of the West Coast IPA style. This brew features a brand new hop varietal grown in the pacific Northwest, Strata. The addition of Strata hops bring forth an array of aromatic fruit notes including peach, strawberry, and light citrus. Traditional west coast hop varietals (Centennial and Cascade) balance the fruit with citrus and pine notes complimenting the dank characteristics of Strata during the dry hopping stage. This straw colored ale has a balanced bitterness with a soft malty finish as we pay homage to the West Coast IPA.

Malts 2 Row Pale Malt
Hops Strata (Kettle & DH), Amarillo, Centennial, Idaho 7, Cascade (DH)
ABV 6.00% / IBU 50 / SRM 5.00

War Hawk American Pale Ale now in 16 oz cans!

Warhawk is an aggressively hopped American Pale Ale showcasing Amarillo hops which lend a massive citrus aroma delivering notes of tangerine and orange. Select hop varietals from the Pacific Northwest provide a refreshing bitter finish balanced by malt sweetness. Warhawk will leave you wishing you had one more to drink.” War Hawk APA 6.5% Alc By Vol
WarHawk 16oz single

New Guy IPA Cans!

New Guy IPA Can

RALEIGH – Big Boss Brewing Company to introduce first ever IPA can paving the way for new hop centric series.

Big Boss New Guy IPA Cans

“This marks a historic milestone for Big Boss Brewery.  New Guy is the brewery’s first IPA in a can and the first release in our “Air Raid IPA” Series.  This beer has been our taproom’s best seller since it was launched.” 

The series will be available in 4 pack, 16-ounce cans with artwork that recalls military MRE canisters that ties the “Air Raid” series back to the brewery’s long going appreciation for American military history.   
Head brewer Seth Adams added this about the release; “With New Guy IPA I wanted to drive home a fruit salad note in the aroma. This steered me down the path of some wonderful Pacific Northwest Hops that boast cool aromas like mango, pineapple, and passion fruit.”

The Air Raid Series will be flying high in May and June, with the additions of Rabbit Punch, Big Shmoo and Miss NC.

Derby Day May 4th

Derby Day activities begin at 5pm with a Special Barrel Aged beer tapping! Proceeds will benefit Back In The Saddle Equine Services for Heroes.

5pm we will tap our Derby day Special – This beer-tail features our newest release of bourbon barrel aged Tavern ale with a twist. An addition of fresh squeezed orange juice blended with Luxardo cherry syrup give a this limited edition brew notes reminiscent to the classic cocktails, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Remember the Maine. To give a nod to our local drink the Cherry Bounce we introduced botanicals with a focus on Star Anise to lend a subtle spicy kick to this Derby Day Special.

May Music Line Up

Fri MAY 17 7pm PINTO
Tue MAY 21 8pm STRAY LOCAL (at Run Club)