The Scoop on Strata® Hops

Late in 2018 Big Boss received a shipment of a new hop variety and quickly created a beer to showcase it! The hop is called Strata and the beer is called Stratafortress. Strata® was developed at Oregon State University and originally known as X331. Flavors will remind you of grapefruit & pine and help round out a clean bite of a classic West Coast style India Pale Ale. Crosby Hop Farm say the aroma profile is “Citrus, Tropical/Fruit, Pungent/Dank” with Alpha acid values comparable to Amarillo and Centennial. A few West Coast brewers got a hold of this one early on with a larger crop expected later this year. We are really excited about the Strata Hop and we have scheduled a few batches of STRATAFORTRESS this year with a small batch right now and again late this fall.

Stratafortress IPA is a new interpretation of the West Coast IPA style. This brew features a brand new hop varietal grown in the pacific Northwest, Strata. The addition of Strata hops bring forth an array of aromatic fruit notes including peach, strawberry, and light citrus. Traditional west coast hop varietals (Centennial and Cascade) balance the fruit with citrus and pine notes complimenting the dank characteristics of Strata during the dry hopping stage. This straw colored ale has a balanced bitterness with a soft malty finish as we pay homage to the West Coast IPA.

Malts 2 Row Pale Malt
Hops Strata (Kettle & DH), Amarillo, Centennial, Idaho 7, Cascade (DH)
ABV 6.00% / IBU 50 / SRM 5.00